COACH'S Training


If you haven't already, the first thing we'd like you to do is complete your sign-up form so we can prepare things on our end for your school or site to be up and running for the season. Click on the button below to fill out the form, or if you've already done so please continue past the button below:

Below are a set of videos to help you understand the expectations of being an X2F coach and to get you prepared for running a session. You are expected to take the time to watch each video completely through and to follow-up with your local chapter's executive director if you have any questions or concerns.

In addition you are expected to attend a coaches' meeting before your season begins. Details are determined by your local chapter's executive director.


you can use this packet as a companion piece while you watch the training videos.

Part 1...


Runtime - 3:55


Part 2...

A Coach's Mission

Runtime - 4:47

Runtime - 4:59


Part 3...

Running a Session

Runtime - 4:58

Runtime - 5:02

Runtime - 5:00


Runtime - 5:08

Runtime - 4:15

Runtime - 3:20

Part 4...

Managing a Session

Runtime - 5:07

Runtime - 3:54


Part 5...

Next Steps

Runtime - 5:08