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Before you begin, you will want to have the following readily available to reference:

  • Season Business Plan

  • Season Calendar

  • Season Financial Report

  • DCC Details

Executive Director *
Executive Director
Example: Fall 18
If a school has multiple teams this number will be different than the number of schools. For example, a chapter might have 3 schools participating, but if two of those schools have two teams running, the number of teams would be 5.
Chapter Leadership
Excluding yourself, how many current members are part of your chapter board of advisors (must have participated in at least one meeting)?
List your meeting dates from the current season. Spring runs January 1 to June 30. Fall runs July 1 to December 31.
Do not take into consideration why or why not, simply rate their level of engagement.
Write (in your view) about the involvement and current status of your board of advisors.
How has your board grown and/or regressed from the past season to this season? What are the most important ways your board needs to grow and develop going forward?
What were your 1 or 2 strongest points as a leader this season, and what were your 1 or 2 biggest weaknesses as a leader this season?
Chapter Growth & Development
List each OKR from the season's business plan and the status of each OKR's completion.
List preliminary OKR's for next season. At a minimum you need an OKR for teams, for fundraising, for the event, and for culture.
Season Function
A calendar that was set before the season started.
Dream Chaser Challenge
Did it provide everything you needed in terms of access, space, parking, bathroom facilities, etc. at a reasonable price?
Concessions? Raffles? Games?
Names are not needed, simply if it was volunteers or coaches or parents or you, etc?