The X2F Program

Xcel 2 Fitness is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are an after school program for 3rd-5th grade boys with a mission to use fitness to impact character. Our program is carried out through a 6-week curriculum that teaches speed, agility, strength, balance, and cardio while embedding character lessons centered on pursuing your passion in life, surrounding yourself with a supportive team, and developing grit to overcome obstacles and challenges. The program functions after school 2 days each week for 1 hour. After the 6 weeks, all teams in the area meet at the Dream Chaser Challenge, a timed obstacle course challenge for each X2F team.

Components of Program Function:

Functional Fitness

Speed & Agility, Strength, Balance, and Cardiovascular Endurance

We want boys from all walks of life with all different skill sets to find their traction through this program. The advantage of using functional fitness is that it can challenge boys on their level regardless of ability. Our curriculum is designed to make each game and challenge as fun as possible to create the best experience for every boy participating while building confidence and team camaraderie. 

We focus on functional fitness not to have a broad focus, but a narrow one. By focusing on fundamentals, we can help boys build confidence in skills regardless of their path . The “fundamentals of fitness” does NOT indicate a lower challenge level that addresses a lower skill level versus a higher skill level. In fact, everyone from beginners to professional athletes benefit from a focus on fundamentals. Our program strategically captures various skill levels while concentrating on the things that will be a factor throughout life. We help build their confidence to choose their path, to chase their dreams. 

Character Development

Passion, Team, and Grit

We believe one of the biggest keys to success is in character development. We begin and end every session with one of three different character focuses – passion, team, and grit.

  • Passion drives goals, and goals determine the path of our actions.

  • Team enables overcoming. With the right people around you, you can overcome any obstacle. We believe our boys need to hear as much as possible about getting the right people on their “team” who will support and encourage them.

  • Grit is the recognition of obstacles and failure, and the resolve to be greater than them. Things are not always easy, and you have to be determined in the face of difficulty.

Passion, team, and grit are vital components to personal growth that are manifest in team-based situations. Each session in our program, boys are led in a discussion based on one of these character aspects as well as given opportunity to work in team-based situations to provide practice working with others so that they can tangibly learn more about passion, team, and grit. This is the glue for our program that takes any mere fitness challenge to another level where boys can learn to appreciate uniqueness, a variety of skill levels, and the necessity of others. 

We believe that regardless of what a dream is and regardless of how it changes over the course of time, character is what always drives a dream to reality. We want boys to learn through our challenges that they can overcome any obstacle and through our sessions that they are made to do great things. We want boys to develop the kind of character that keeps them marching onward, no matter what gets in their way. We all have unique dreams and we want boys to realize that they are made to do their “thing” and do it with excellence!