the X2F Program


Xcel 2 Fitness is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are an after school program for 3rd-5th grade boys with a mission to use fitness to impact character. Our program is carried out through a 6-week curriculum that teaches speed, agility, strength, balance, and cardio while embedding character lessons centered on pursuing your passion in life, surrounding yourself with a supportive team, and developing grit to overcome obstacles and challenges. The program functions after school 2 days each week for 1 hour. After the 6 weeks, all teams in the area meet at the Dream Chaser Challenge. The DCC is a fun family event with a timed obstacle course challenge for each X2F team. There are also usually games, vendors, concessions, and music. Teams from all over the area are represented, making for a great opportunity to celebrate our boys and show off their hard work.