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Executive Director
OKR 1 - Grow program participation.
If a school has multiple teams this number will be different than the number of schools. For example, a chapter might have 3 schools participating, but if two of those schools have two teams running, the number of teams would be 5.
Volunteers who are not affiliated with the school but instead are part of your efforts to recruit from the community.
OKR 2 - Generate revenue to support healthy function.
Don't worry about how much revenue to generate. Just think about a monthly payment you want to receive for being an X2F executive director. What do you want to earn on a monthly basis?
As a guideline, an average is usually around $65 per participant, which comes out to around $1,000 per team. So, if you don't know or are confused, multiply your target number of teams by 1,000.
Be realistic here. Look at what you generated last season and use that as a basis for what you can/should reach to attain.
So, NOT vendors or sponsors related to the DCC at all. Donors and sponsors who will be supporting a team or the chapter in general.
What fundraisers are you planning to hold, when, and what is your target money to generate?
What is the season (6-months) goal to generate from members on your board giving to support the chapter.
OKR 3 - Plan and run an excellent DCC.
How long will it take to set up the course?
Concessions? Raffles? Games?
OKR 4 - Lead healthy function & culture.
We are making a positive impact on kids and families, but we have to intentionally capture it. Set a target number of stories to collect this coming season.
What events and/or efforts will you make before the season (and when) to communicate and engage coaches and the community? Outreach events? Newsletter? Coaches' nights/get-togethers?