Our Mission:

We are an after-school activity based character development program designed to empower 3rd-5th grade boys to overcome their obstacles and chase their dreams.

We empower our kids to be Dream Chasers by teaching the importance of reaching for their passion, building a team of support around them, and developing the grit to overcome their obstacles.

We serve our program by engaging kids in fun fitness games and challenges designed to build confidence no matter what their skill or ability level, all within an encouraging, team-based atmosphere.

Our X2F Code:

It is not easy to chase a dream. Fear, obstacles, and failure are all real. But so are my passion, my team, and my grit. And my passion is greater. And my team is greater. And my grit is greater. I am a Dream Chaser. I chase greatness.

What We Believe:

  1. Everyone has dreams to chase based on their unique passions.

  2. Fear, obstacles, and failure stand in the way of chasing those dreams.

  3. Passion, team, and grit allow us to overcome fear, obstacles, and failure.

    • Passion > Fear

    • Team > Obstacles

    • Grit > Failure

  4. As we chase our dreams we also have a responsibility to be leaders and understand our impact on other people and the things around us, and that impact should be a positive one that always strives to make things better.