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We exist to empower boys to overcome their obstacles and chase their dreams.  

We do that by building confidence and teaching the importance of reaching for your passion, building the right team around you, and having grit to pursue your greatness. 

We want boys from all walks of life and with different skill sets to find their traction in X2F. We want to build their confidence and empower them to grab hold of their dreams and get in position to chase them. We use fun fitness games and challenges to engage and challenge boys on their level regardless of their ability. Our curriculum is designed to make each game and challenge as fun as possible to create the best experience for every boy participating while building confidence and team camaraderie. 

X2F is way more than a fun fitness program, as it empowers boys to see that dreams can overcome obstacles and passion can outweigh fear.  We want more boys to be more passionate about their potential and to chase big dreams.



It is not easy to chase a dream.

Fear, obstacles, and failure are all real,

But so are my passion, my team, and my grit.

And my passion is greater. And my team is greater. And my grit is greater.

I am a Dream Chaser. I chase greatness.