Our Beginning


Xcel 2 Fitness’ first season was in the fall of 2011 when 3 elementary schools piloted it in the Charlotte, NC area. Since then the program has spread to multiple states around the country, and we’re just getting started. Just like we continually tell our boys to have big dreams, we have a big vision for X2F and the impact it is going to continue to have in engaging and empowering more and more boys everywhere to be Dream Chasers.

When Stephen Vaughn created the first X2F fitness curriculum, his background of teaching physical education and creating workout programs for kids and adults under his A.C.E. Trainer Certification was a big part of the formula that helped prepare him to create the X2F program:

“I’ve always been one to push the limits in creating new ways to do things. I used to create all kinds of things while teaching physical education, and I carried that same mentality into Xcel 2 Fitness. I always tried to wow the kids walking into my gym, and the same goes for the fun challenges that these boys get to do in each session of Xcel 2 Fitness!”

Sadly, the major piece that led to the creation of this program came from the pain Stephen experienced from the loss of his father. With that loss came the realization of the importance of strong guidance, positive influence, and added support in life. Stephen recognized those things as key ingredients to making your mark on this world and chasing big dreams.

Out of that collision of pain and realization, X2F was sparked and continues to drive our tremendous desire for reaching the boys of the next generation.

It is apparent now more than ever how much a boy needs support and guidance. We see boys every day that have the potential to change the world, but the fear, failure, and obstacles around them are changing them instead. Xcel 2 Fitness sees our boys’ potential, and we want them to see it as well.

We want to get boys excited through a fun and functional approach to being active. We have found that with a smile comes participation; with participation comes improvement; improvement sparks passion, and passion changes lives. We want more boys to be passionate about their potential and fearless to chase their dreams. We want to see a wave of boys emerge as leaders and be able to enjoy a long and healthy life. Let’s give them something that ignites a movement. Let’s give them Xcel 2 Fitness!

“We all get just one chance in this life, and we want to see Xcel 2 Fitness make the impact needed to spark a generation of Dream Chasers. We want boys to be fearless in their attempt to accomplish big things. They need a community of support behind them as they attempt to reach for the stars, and we want Xcel 2 Fitness to act as that encouraging support that brings a confident smile to every boy that participates. We want them to realize that their potential is not bound by the world’s expectations and that they are meant to do great things.” ~ Stephen Vaughn

 Founder, Stephen Vaughn, speaking life into the X2F kids at a Dream Chaser Challenge.

Founder, Stephen Vaughn, speaking life into the X2F kids at a Dream Chaser Challenge.