Want to be a Dream Builder?

Want to make an impact and support Dream Chasers through Xcel 2 Fitness? You can through your racing events! Everything from a 5k to spartan races, you can showcase your desire to help empower more Dream Chasers by being an X2F Dream Builder! Through this initiative you can help support your local chapter or the organization as a whole in our efforts of making an impact on the next generation.

Steps for becoming a Dream Builder:

  1. Fill out application below

  2. You will be contacted by X2F with a brief discussion and plans on how your goal of support can be implemented and final approval to be a Dream Builder through X2F.

  3. Upon approval X2F will provide guidance in getting your fundraiser set up and rolling in preparation for your upcoming race(s).

  4. You will receive your X2F race kit prior to your event

  5. X2F will celebrate your journey through social media and supporting you along the way by spotlighting your effort in supporting Dream Chasers.

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends..png
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