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It is not easy to chase a dream.

Fear, obstacles, and failure are all real.

But so are my passion, my team, and my grit.

And my passion is greater.

And my team is greater.

And my grit is a greater.

I am a Dream Chaser.

I chase greatness.

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Core Belief #1

Every child was created with a dream to chase, a mission to fulfill, an adventure to live.

Regardless of every WHAT (strengths, weaknesses, skill level, race, gender, socioeconomic advantage or disadvantage, physical ability, etc.), every WHO has a passion and a dream deep inside of them that is theirs alone and that is invaluable.

Everyone’s dream is unique to them. Nobody’s dream looks exactly like someone else’s, and that is to be recognized and celebrated. Differences are a strength with value, not a weakness.


Core Belief #2

Fear, obstacles, and failure are trying stop you from chasing your dream.

Fear, obstacles, and failure are all real.

And, they are trying to stop you from chasing your dream. They are trying to discourage you. They are trying to beat you. They are trying to overcome you. They are trying to get you to go another direction, any direction other than toward your dream.

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Core Belief #3

Passion, team, and grit are greater than anything that tries to stop you from chasing your dream.

Passion is greater than any fear. If you love something, it will give you the strength to try, despite the fears that are natural in trying to achieve something meaningful.

Team is greater than any obstacle. Alone, an obstacle may stop you, but with others to help, nothing is too hard or too big to overcome.

Grit is greater than any failure. Determination to try again is a necessity in chasing your dream. You will fail. A lot. But, failure is temporary as long as you continue to try.

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Core Belief #4

As you chase your dream, your greater purpose in anything is to make things around you better.

Your goal in chasing your dream is not simply to achieve and succeed. Living with that mentality is selfish and will be toxic to your relationships and efforts. Instead, you have a responsibility to intentionally make things around you better, always. In any situation or circumstance, you are interacting with other people and things, and the higher calling of a Dream Chaser is to find a way to help those people and make those things better.

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