Obstacle Course Races


One of the most exciting parts of the X2F program is what we call the Dream Chaser Challenge. This is our grand finale, our end to every season. The highlight of each Dream Dream Chaser Challenge is the obstacle course that all X2F teams work to complete. As a team they challenge the course, linking arms and encouraging one another throughout implementing the essence of team and displaying a “no man left behind” approach. Just as we teach the concept of team throughout our curriculum, this is a demonstration of the power of a team and the necessity of the right team around them in life to maximize their potential and reach for their dreams. The Dream Chaser Challenge is designed to be the ultimate metaphor for these boys to recognize the importance of the right people and their ability to chase big dreams, helping them realize they are capable of overcoming their obstacles and chasing big dreams! They finish the day out with a powerful rallying speech around the X2F motto, “It is not easy to chase a dream. Fear, obstacles, and failure are all real. But so are my passion, my team, and my grit. And my passion is greater. And my team is greater. And my grit is greater. I am a Dream Chaser. I chase greatness.”