Spring 2019

X2F Coaching Sign-Up

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Sessions are designed to last one hour, but we recommend scheduling a little more than an hour. Example - 3:00-4:15. This will account for start-up time and transition time.
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FYI - Our coaching shirts tend to fit snugly.
If yes, we have a scholarship code waiting for you! Get in touch with your executive director to learn more.
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Coaching Agreement
I have completed (or pledge to complete) the required Xcel 2 Fitness training, have watched each of the videos in their entirety, and understand my roles and responsibilities of being a volunteer coach. *
I am an approved volunteer at the school/site where I will be coaching OR I am undergoing the approval process and understand that I must be approved before coaching a session and agree to meet that requirement. *
I agree to follow the provided Xcel 2 Fitness curriculum with the provided equipment and to turn the curriculum in at the end of the season. *
The equipment should be donated to the school/site to help meet their equipment needs.
I will do my part to ensure that the Xcel 2 Fitness team(s) I am coaching have the opportunity to participate in all 12 sessions and participate in the season ending event. *
I understand that my role is to be a positive influence in the lives of the participants on my Xcel 2 Fitness team and to accept each individual on my team for who they are without judgment or prejudice. My goal is to help each individual be a Dream Chaser. *
To the best of my ability I will provide the needed assistance in helping with registration at my school/site. *