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Our Mission:

We are an after-school youth development program designed to empower 3rd-5th grade boys to overcome their obstacles and chase their dreams.

We empower our kids to be Dream Chasers by teaching the importance of reaching for their passion, building a team of support around them, and developing the grit to overcome their obstacles.

We serve our program by engaging kids in fun fitness games and challenges designed to build confidence no matter what their skill or ability level, all within an encouraging, team-based atmosphere.

Our X2F Code:

It is not easy to chase a dream. Fear, obstacles, and failure are all real. But so are my passion, my team, and my grit. And my passion is greater. And my team is greater. And my grit is greater. I am a Dream Chaser. I chase greatness.


Season Details

Registration: March 18 - April 6

Season: April 7 - May 17

Dream Chaser Challenge - Saturday, May 18


executive director

Ryan McLaughlin is a PE teacher in Western Springs, IL. He has been at Field Park school since 2001. He is also the president and owner of Blue Moose Sports Camp. He developed Blue Moose Sports Camp to help get kids out of the house and moving. He wanted to teach simple games to his students that they could take with them so they could be more active outside of organized sports.

When Ryan heard about X2F he was very impressed with the message it sent to the children involved. The idea of "chasing dreams" in your life made perfect sense for young athletes, especially in a time where children and being turned away from sports because of the pressure of travel sports at a younger age. Society is turning some potentially great athletes away because they don't have the confidence they need to excel at a younger age. X2F helps children of all abilities to achieve their goals and chase their dreams. Every child has their own unique skill set, X2F will help improve those skills in a fun and exciting way. It is more than fitness, it is confidence and self respect that will allow these boys to move through any obstacle that they encounter in life.

Ryan currently lives in Woodridge with his wife, Nicole, 4 children, Connor, Abby, Carter and Patrick, and dog Burley. He is excited to bring X2F to the Chicago area and start helping children chase and realize their dreams.

Favorite Quote: "If you can dream it, you can do it" - Walt Disney



Community Partners

Let’s partner together to impact our community and empower more Dream Chasers!